Should I Rollover my 401k Plan?

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Should I Rollover my 401k Plan?

Should I Rollover my 401k Plan?

There are many reasons why you should Rollover your 401k plan. Your 401k plan is tax-free until you withdraw from it. If your company is going out of business, or if you are changing jobs, it is more beneficial to Rollover your 401k plan rather than withdraw it. There are penalty fees to consider and taxes that would have to be paid as soon as you withdraw your 401k plan. A Rollover keeps your tax-free status on your 401k plan. You should consult with a private brokerage firm to discuss your possible Rollover options.



11/13/2006 3:41:57 PM
jIM pAULK said:

This tip is too sophomoric. People want some details when trying to decide if they should or shouldn't roll over their 401K. What are the advantages, in general? etc.


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